Route Portal is the cloud platform that makes running your business easy. We know how difficult it can be to track all the pieces that make up your delivery business, and how other platforms only handle small pieces of that confusion. Route Portal puts it all together so you can manage inventory, deliveries, invoicing, and sales analysis all from one intuitive platform.

We built Route Portal to make managing all of your deliveries simple. Set up deliveries from your office, with the confidence that the information is accurate and up to date. The platform was created especially for distribution companies and takes all your unique needs into consideration.


Direct Store Delivery Mobile Software

On the warehouse end, Route Portal can direct all the work your employees need to do, making it easy for people to know exactly what needs to get done and when. When a task is completed, the platform will immediately display the next task, so there’s no time lost.

Plus, this information feeds into your inventory, so you can stay on top of stock levels. You’ll have the information you need at your fingertips, so you never run out of product. You can use the data from Route Portal to performaudits and keep track of where your product is so you’re never over- or under-stocked.

We keep it simple for you. With route portal, it’s easy to manage all of your company’s drivers from your desktop. You can track their location, as well as the deliveries they are making. You can even optimize their routes. You can even keep your customers happy with up-to-the-minute shipment information.


Route Accounting Software for Distributors

We’ve added EDI (electronic document interchange), so you can simplify the process of invoicing. When a delivery checks in, automatically transmit your invoice to the customer. No more worrying about tracking deliveries and sending separate invoices. No more worrying about lost paper copies. Just electronically bill your customers as soon as they receive their order and get paid faster.

You can also use Route Portal to analyze your sales. View sales by product, channel, or any other dimension to adapt to trends on demand. When you set up “interval views,” the portal will send updates on your most important metrics whenever they change. Don’t worry about getting left behind – when you use Route Portal, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve and keep your customers happy.

Running a direct store delivery business is all about logistics, and logistics take time. With Route Portal, we ensure the logistics are handled while also saving you time. Increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks such as invoicing and instead focus your attention on the important work of finding new ways to grow your business.