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The trueDSD iPhone app. The latest in Direct Store Delivery Software.

It’s time to upgrade to the most effective mobility solution. Old traditional mobility solutions are expensive, time consuming, and stressful.

trueDSD is the future. We help soft-drink, beer, chip, candy and liquor distributors of all sizes to grow and leave their old ways behind. trueDSD provideds distributors the opportunity to effectively set their routes with easy-to-use direct store delivery software that delivers instant and meaningful information through the organization.

How we’re different


                          Traditional DSD systems                        trueDSD system

                              •Integrates your data to various modules              •Integrates all your data in one app.

                              •Restrictive technologies                                           •Adaptive technologies

                              •Traditional integration                                             •Flexibility to deliver information

                              •High maintenance and expense costs.                  •Cost effective

We’ve been delivering the most innovative direct store delivery(DSD) software for over a decade. trueDSD will enable opportunities to recognize trends, identify service issues, prioritize opportunities, and execute essential sales strategies; on-site. We work on improving our app every day so that our customers needs are fulfilled. Unlike others DSD systems we adapt to your needs and aim to make it as effective as possible. Save time, money and avoid stressful processes and use our trueDSD app and see all that we can offer. You won’t regret it!

Download the app now and experience true connectivity.



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App Features

Create sale, return, damage, or stale invoices/orders.

Controls cash and truck inventory to reduce route losses.

Review previous visits, sales, and pricing with customer.

Specify pricing and discounts by customer, chain, or segment.

Real-Time Analysis of missed stops, sales, and objectives performance.

Print or e-mail any invoice, inventory, or check-in document.

Service vending machines plus fill, collect monies, and record meter readings, bag no., etc..

DEX to back door receiving systems and vending machines.

Visibility to plan and review route GPS activity on-demand.

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