Making Business Run Smoothly

Managing your direct store delivery business is like juggling nine different balls at once. Warehouse management, routes, maintenance, invoicing, displays, signage, inventory – there’s a lot to think about. Let us help.

Our Products

We’ve created a suite of products to help manage all aspects of your direct store delivery business. The heart of our system is Route Portal, which handles all of the information you need for fast answers and quick solutions. The trueDSD app, conveniently carried by your employees, feeds you data and helps simplify route communications. SideRoute manages all of those logistics that seem to come out of nowhere, like providing maintenance, so they don’t pull you off track. Together, the entire program helps you run a successful business.

About Us

At Information Technology Partners, we have one goal: make your business run better. We realize there are other options out there. However, we focus on providing a better service -one that is more flexible, more usable, and more streamlined.

Other providers have clunky programs stuffed with various “modules,” each of which requires integration and a new confusing system to learn. We make it all about you – our products can be adapted to your business, so you’ll have exactly what you need. No more, no less. We work hand-in-hand with your team to create a system that will work for your business.

Our apps


trueDSD might fit in a pocket, but it’ll make a big difference for your business. Designed to run on iOS, trueDSD gives your drivers all of the information they need in one streamlined app.



A direct store delivery business is about much more than dropping inventory off at businesses. You need to manage merchandisers, field service, displays, signage, and more.


Route Portal

We developed RoutePortal to serve as a hub for all of your distribution needs. Manage drivers, inventory, sales, deliveries, and more, all from one spot.


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Per user

Get information to and from the field, quickly and accurately.



Per user

Monitor the “minor details” of your business, like signage and maintenance.

Route Portal


Per Client

Stay up to date on everything that is happening in your business, from the comfort of your office.


Let us help you manage your delivery needs in one place!


“They’ve helped us with every requirement in our growing DSD market. We’ve never had better support.”

R&G Snacks

“ITP keeps the app updated with new features that make it easy for us to keep growing with new suppliers and more chains.”

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