B2B Extracts

Our new B2B Extracts product lets you share your sales data directly with suppliers so that they know how their products are selling.

At first glance, sharing your data can seem like something you don’t want to do. However, it can be extremely beneficial for both you and the supplier. The supplier learns which products are selling well (and with which vendors). While you, in turn,learn from the information they provide– such as which products sell better when displayed together, or perhaps which products do best at certain times of year.

Data like this can be helpful but collecting that granular data and sending it to your suppliers can take a lot of time. That’s why we created B2B extracts. It provides suppliers with the information they want – quickly and accurately, making it easier to receive the inventory you need.

When you use data wisely, you are better able to sell all of your product at full price (minimizing your risk of lower profit margins that come with discounts) and ensure you aren’t left with an overstock of any item or unable to fulfill customer demand.

Working together with your suppliers means a more profitable business for you both. B2B extracts can get you there.