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We offer distributors a full line of products ranging from the mobility applications to the accounting system. Our vast experience in DSD and industry knowledge allow us to implement a complete solution or a single application exchanging information with an existing system.


eROME App for iPhone/iPad is a complete DSD mobile application for any presales, delivery, or hybrid route.  The application can be configured to run locally on the device (best if the rep will be visiting walk-in coolers or full cabinets) or interactively on the cloud.  Functionality includes the ability to specify day and make sequences, mandatory visit completion, customer and product level notes, delivery instruction capability, contract pricing, national accounts processing, future pricing, simple and tiered promotions, CDA calculation (on/off invoice), case/each capability, expanded route book, lost sales notifications, close-dated product tracking, build-to and on-hand quantities, full service vending, equipment tracking, customer specific invoice formats, signature capture, DEX (see more below), and much more.


The Route Portal can exist on your private cloud or ours, and is what all information passes through.  Notifications are sent to the device when updated customer, product, or pricing information occurs in the database; so it can be sync’d to the device immediately ensuring a complete and accurate delivery every time.

For direct store delivery distributors who need to build or supplement their database with DSD specific information, the Route Portal includes the capability to create and maintain a complete database to drive all of the functions in our app.


GPS data from the app is continuously sent to the Route Portal to show how the salesman is performing on the route, at any time.  The Route Portal displays where the salesman has been, what was sold there, and what stores still need to be serviced, in real time.


The Route Portal provides the devices with access to sales analysis information through the app.  Sales ranking, statistical, contribution, and performance information is available for drill-down from the company to the invoice level.  Any category or grouping specified in the database is available including chain, segment, premise, collar, territory, supervisor, brand, group, class, package, type, container, and many others.


DEXPort, the first and only of its kind, bridges the elusive technology gap by bringing DEX to your iOS devices. Rugged enough for any route environment and designed to last for weeks without recharging, you can finally DEX to back door receiving systems and vending machines straight from your iPhone or iPad.  Simply turn on the DEXPort and plug it in.  The BLE radio will automatically respond only to our App, eliminating the need for pairing, and allowing the driver to focus on deliveries and service.



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