Why Choose Us

At Information Technology Partners, we’ve built our business on understanding your business needs. We know you need information fast and at your fingertips. We know it needs to be simple to edit, access, and act on. We know that managing your data can easily become a full-time job and that you have more important things to worry about.

We’ve created a simple and intuitivesystem with you and your employees in mind. We make it easy to enter information quickly, change things with a few clicks, and immediately determine what you need to do to run an even better business. With our products, everything is integrated, so there’s no need to switch between platforms designed for gathering or analyzing data. When you use Information Technology Partners, everything just works.

Our Services

Route Portal

The heart of our system is Route Portal. Route Portal is a computer-based software system that houses all ofyour direct store delivery business’s vital information. Route Portal helps you analyze your inventory and manage your warehouse, while also viewing your delivery drivers’ routes. We know that all the parts of your business are integrated, so we created a system that works the same way.

Route Portal is continuously updated and has reporting and analytics built in, making it possible to understand exactly where your business stands at any moment. We give businesses the information they need for the dozens of critical decisions they make every day.

Every product we have integrates cleanly with Route Portal and can scale on demand. As your business and needs change, you can continue to use the software you’re already used, instead of wasting valuable time training your staff on something entirely new.


Route Portal wouldn’t be very valuable without the constant stream of information going into it. That’s where trueDSD comes in – it’s the portable version of our system that goes everywhere with your drivers.

trueDSD can tell drivers which route to take or how much inventory to deliver. It can also require customers to sign off on delivery or be designed to handle billing.  No matter how you use it, that information is fed back into Route Portal, keeping you from relying on updates from your drivers. You’ll know when they’ve reached the store, when a customer has been billed, and when you’re running low on inventory.


Your direct store delivery business is about more than deliveries – that’s why we have designed solutions to help all aspects of your business.  We know that a successful DSD business advertises their products well, keep trucks and other machinery maintained, and stays on top of their clients’ needs.

That’s where SideRoute comes in. The app – which fully integrates with Route Portal, just like all of our products – allows you to manage and monitor all of those “extras” that can get in the way of running your business. Using SideRoute will ensure that you are never caught off guard by an essential task and make running every aspect of your business easier.