All the logistics and operations management in the world won’t do you much good if that information cannot reach your employees in the field. That’s why we’ve created an app that works on any iOS device –to take advantage of the opportunities provided by modern technology.

OPTIMIZE your business

Direct Store Delivery Solutions

The True DSD app lets your employees carry all of the information that they need in the palm of their hands. Then, it lets them transmit that information back to you in real time. That’s right – your drivers don’t need to be on Wi-Fi or remember to hit a “sync” button to get their information back to your screen.

We offer all the basics of a DSD app – cash and inventory controls, full-service vending, invoicing, DEX and signature capture, and the ability to print or email any document. But we also offer a whole lot more. We also include geo-fencing, an electronic logbook, turn-by-turn directions, product controls, CDA calculations, performance analysis, and slow product notifications. With all of those extra features, you can keep an eye on all of the aspects of your business, to make sure that you’re running efficiently and profitably.

STAY CONNECTED at all times

We know that one of the major struggles of a direct store delivery business is how difficult it can be to stay in communication with your employees while they are on the road. Our app makes communication between the two of you simple. Without this roadblock, every aspect of delivery, maintenance, and other customer service tasks tend to run more smoothly.

Best of all, it is simple for your drivers. They don’t need to carry a whole new device to use the functionality of trueDSD. It runs on iOS devices. Your drivers are probably already familiar with iPhones and iPads – they may even already own them. Now, they can manage their work on a platform that they’re familiar with, instead of having to lug around a whole other machine. They’ll love the simplicity of having everything in one place, and the convenient size of an iPhone makes it easy to carry into a store or keep in your pocket for when you need to snap a confirmation picture of a display.

When all of your drivers are using trueDSD, it’s almost like you’re able to be everywhere at once. You’ll get constant updates on the locations of your drivers, the status of your deliveries, and whether payments have been made. You can require drivers to receive approval of pictures they’ve sent so that you know all displays are arranged to your standards. You can easily view maintenance tasks as they come up. The app can even track which product is moving more slowly than it used to so you can adjust your business.

All of the information provided by trueDSD has one purpose – to help you run your business more successfully. When you use our state-of-the-art technology, you’ll have the information you need to make the right choices to grow your business.