Advanced GPS Dispatching

Looking to optimize your business? One major thing that can slow down your direct store delivery business is the time it takes for your drivers to get from one location to the next. Time spent on the road is time not spent making deliveries or providing customer support. It’s time that is costing you money, instead of earning you a profit. So, it makes sense that you would want to cut that time as much as possible, while still keeping your drivers safe on the road.

That’s why we’ve added route optimization to the trueDSD app. With route optimization, your drivers get turn-by-turn directions that consider things like traffic, stops, the weight of the truck, and more. If you’re trying to manage inventory throughout your fleet, our GPS dispatching is a great tool. Use it to add new stops, update your routes, and move stop locations. With it, you can be sure you are always sending your drivers on the best route – not the one that used to be the best route before those four-way stops were installed.

Our system focuses on ensuring your product reaches your customers in the most efficient way possible. We make it easier for drivers to spend less time on the road and more time making your customers happy.