SideRoute App

Tired of tracking a trail of repair and maintenance work orders only to find out they weren’t done or invoiced? Frustrated with not being able to confirm merchandisers completed displays and surveys correctly? Fed-up from not getting pricing and signage coordinated with the print shop on-time?

Introducing SideRoute, the perfect utility app to cure all those customer service headaches.

You’ll be able to download it from the App Store no matter what RAS you’ve got.

We’ll be publishing the JSON/SOAP cloud protocols so you can have a smooth sync process with our SideRoute site. If you haven’t acquired those skills yet, we’ll help you set it up.

Here’s a few things that the SideRoute app will do for you:

  • Calls for repairs on-demand and contracts
  • Scheduled equipment maintenance
  • Tap & fountain cleaning
  • Truck parts inventory
  • Complete invoicing and settlement for billable services

  • Schedule merchandisers for bulk deliveries
  • Task displays with pic confirmation
  • Task surveys with immediate visibility

  • Setup & request shelf tags
  • Select & schedule signage
  • Collect competitor pricing
  • Crea;te support for ad assistance

Extra features: warehouse automation & voice pick.