Sensible Route Optimization

Sensible Route Optimization

If the florist and pizza guys can optimize their deliveries on-demand without a monster logistics package, why can’t DSD?

Every business’ location has been geo-coded and made available to the planet by at least a couple thousand on-line tools.  So now if you could just exploit all that free info to make your routes run as effectively as possible, your life would be great!

You can.  We did it.  We’ve added sensible route optimization to the trueDSD Route Portal.

It’s an easy-to-use browser that maps out your routes with considerations for #cases, #stops, weight, alerts, windows, traffic, etc., just the everyday DSD specifics you need, not the clutter in big software.

Move stops, add routes, balance loads…quickly…easily…all in one place with trueDSD.  No more super-secret handshakes or interfaces for DSD stuff that should be gimmies by now.  Think differently…we do.

The only thing better would be if trueDSD also did ‘what-if’ scenarios for those dreaded re-routes…you know the answer to that don’t you?…yup.

Don’t settle. We do more.