Route Portal

Route Portal 

Our Route Portal cloud platform enables you to connect using any device and instantly access clean, consumable information from anywhere, at any time.

Synchronize information to the trueDSD and SideRoute apps on your devices as it changes, so your reps can accurately service customers and make error-free deliveries. The portal enables you to share timely, actionable information throughout your entire organization so you can stay ahead of evolving expectations, and keep customers happy. Exchange EDI transactions with chains and suppliers so you can easily meet their requirements and get paid…reliably and on-time.   

Automate warehouse operations by letting the portal direct all floor work on standard iOS devices, where completing a task instantly feeds the information to the next step in the work flow.  The palletizer automatically configures and layers orders so the warehouse can keep busy and start picking as early as possible.  Completed order picks are pushed to the ‘drag-n-drop’ logistics planner so the optimizer can present the delivery’s suggested route and position…visually and easily.

All floor work is instantly reflected in the portal full-goods inventory giving you complete visibility to stock status at any site. Warehouse transfers notify the receiving site of the ‘in-transit’ product, and purchase orders stage the ‘in-bound’ receipt so the warehouse can quickly count and confirm the quantities when they arrive. Review stock levels, research discrepancies, or audit the site by tasking a physical count…on-demand.

Analyze sales and ranking by product, channel, or contribution to make sure you’re meeting placement, volume, and margin goals. Sales results are presented by the portal by every dimension necessary so you can identify and adapt to trends right away. Setup ‘interval views’ of your favorite metrics so the portal can automatically push the latest results to you as they change.


GPS data from our apps is continuously collected by the portal. Select and drop any route activity into completely interactive web mapping presentations so you can monitor your reps current or past locations.  Zoom in on any delivery to see an image of the invoice, or what deliveries still need to be completed.

Route Portal = Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device