Big news! Edgewell Personal Care Company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal care products has chosen ITP to help them with their mobility solution for DSD. Edgewell’s diversified product portfolio includes over 25 brands, and a global footprint that spans over 50 countries.

Our purposely different approach will enable Edgewell to achieve the leap-in-flexibility they’ve been waiting for. Our trueDSD framework will power their ability to render and collect final delivery information with any driver…anywhere…any device…on-demand.

It’s no secret that our competitors employ larger teams of staff than we do. Oddly enough, we’re proving that big ideas don’t require big development teams. They’re born from a single thought. Our agility is the engine that drives us to develop those big ideas into practical solutions you can use, clearly and quickly.

It’s not about being big or small, thinking different is what matters.

Don’t settle. We do more.