Complete B2B Support for OLE Mexican Foods

B2B Support for OLE Mexican Foods

Our Route Portal now includes a B2B plug-in for OLE Mexican Foods in Norcross, GA.  We’re happy to announce complete support for submitting OLE Sales Extracts easily and reliably every time.

We’re always working to make sure you have all the tools you need to comply with supplier requirements quickly and accurately.  We know meeting those requirements on a timely basis enables you to receive the fresh inventory and reimbursements you need to keep your DSD operation growing.

The OLE Mexican Foods B2B Route Portal plug-in is approved and already in use.  We want you to stay focused on selling more and growing your market.  We’ll take care making sure your information is working just as hard as you do.

Don’t settle.  We do more.

Our trueDSD, SideRoute, and Route Portal DSD mobility applications are developed specifically for route sales, route planning, and sales analysis in a direct store delivery environment.