New Functionality Keeps Coming for trueDSD App

New Functionality Keeps Coming

We’ve released some new functionality in our trueDSD app that you asked for!  We’d like to highlight a few that we know will be especially helpful to many of you.

Discount option for ‘New Net’

This enables you to setup a discount option where you specify the New Net price for customers who want a continual every-day-low-price format.  trueDSD calculates the actual discount so you still have what you need to show any gross margin combination in the Sales Portal or your accounting application.

Background ‘Sync’

This enables trueDSD to sync information with the Route Portal without the rep having to tap on the Sync button.  Say goodbye to headaches with reps who forget to sync throughout the day.  With Background Sync, they always have fresh information and you always know where they are and what they’ve done.

Hide Customer Signature

This enables you to eliminate the signature requirement for customers with PFR backdoors or chains who still use DSD store stamps.  It saves your reps a step or two, and they can keep working on giving your customers great service.

Keep the feedback coming.  We listen so you can grow.  We develop so you can sell more.

Don’t settle.  We do more.

Our trueDSD, SideRoute, and Route Portal DSD mobility applications are developed specifically for route sales, route planning, and sales analysis in a direct store delivery environment.