HAZMAT & Electronic Driver Log

We hope your 2018 is going exactly as planned, ours is off to a fantastic start.  We’ve released a couple of great additions to the trueDSD app, the HAZMAT and Electronic Driver Log tools.

The Hazardous Materials tool detects truck inventory changes to any product designated as a HAZMAT item.  The app notifies the driver of the change and prompts him to generate a current HAZMAT Manifest, ensuring the route is compliant with any transport regulations at all time.

The Electronic Driver Log monitors the route’s drive time, and enables to driver to quickly specify changes to his duty status.  trueDSD logs GPS location, on-duty, off-duty, lunch, and driving time events to automatically generate clean, inspection-ready documents for your routes.

Combined with electronic vehicle inspection formats (DVIR’s), trueDSD helps you prevent errors and risks that usually accompany manual logs and reports.  As you should expect from us by now, permanent images of those documents are archived in the Route Portal for you to review from anywhere, at any time.

Don’t settle.  We do more.