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We’re helping distributors all over save time, money, and compete at their highest level with a single app. How? By delivering a DSD app that exploits the limitless opportunities of today’s technology.

We’re never satisfied with just delivering the “Nuts & Bolts” requirements of DSD…that our competitors are still struggling to meet. Beyond the DSD basics, trueDSD helps distributors of all sizes to grow and make more money. Who doesn’t want that?

We’re always adapting to give you more “Extras”. So check out how high your expectations should be for today’s DSD market.


  • Capabilities
  • Cash, inventory, & pricing controls
  • Complete full-service vending
  • National accounts invoicing
  • DEX & signature capture
  • Print or email any route document
  • Geo-fencing for on-site service
  • Electronic DOT driver log book
  • True app for coolers & dead spots
  • Turn-by-turn directions for drivers
  • Authorized product controls for chains
  • CDA calculation & reimbursement
  • Missed stop & performance analysis
  • GPS tracking of your routes
  • Electronic vehicle safety inspection
  • Slow product & lost sales notifications

Required for DSD

  • DSD "Nuts & Bolts"


  • trueDSD "Extras"

If you want to see more capabilities check out our blog for the latest “Extras"

Don't settle. We do more.

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