Did you know

Did you know…


We’ll be expanding the list of printers we support in our app soon.  We’ve always been very selective on which printers we incorporate because we want to make sure the manufacturer has not only accessible technical support, but reliable repair options as well.

Honeywell has an Intermec labeled PR3 mobile receipt printer that we’ll be working with in the lab in the next couple of weeks.  It’s Bluetooth compliant for iOS, lightweight as you’d expect, affordable, and inherits the support and service we’ve come to expect with Intermec labeled products.  We’ll keep you updated with those results.

Remember you can review the list of supported printers in the trueDSD app by tapping on the ‘Change Printer’ option on the Settings tab.  If you don’t see those options, just download the latest version of trueDSD (2.12) from the App Store.  It’s that easy.

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