Did you know? Walmart

Did you know…

Walmart will be implementing their Pay From Receipts (PFR) program for DSD vendors that changes the way you will invoice them for your deliveries.

The process can be summarized in these steps; (1)  your driver will verify the delivery with the back door and provide your invoice #, (2) the driver will receive a Receiving Detail Report reflecting the accepted products and quantities, (3) within 48 hours you will receive an EDI 812 (Debit/Credit Adjust) document that is the invoice for delivery  (using your invoice #) including any Walmart pricing adjustments, and then (4) you will receive an EDI 820 (Payment Remittance) document notifying you of payment made for the delivery.

We’re setting up with Walmart to pilot this process soon, so you can count on us to help you with this transition as the PFR program completes its rollout.

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